Google To Add Malware Alert Application To Chrome

In order to prevent the malicious malware from spreading into the systems of its users, Google has announced that the company is mulling adding the malware alert application in its Chrome browser.

The feature will be an upgrade of a famous ˜Safe Browsing feature,' that is an application containing a list of malicious sites that has been prepared by the technology giant to prevent its users from downloading malware-affected files from the net.

Though the ˜Safe Browsing feature' has been around for more than two years, there are not many takers for it, except Google, which is using the system. The new malware alert feature is also based somewhat on the same pattern.

How does it work?

Making the feature very simple, Google aims at offering a clean browsing experience to the users of Chrome with malware threat alerts, on approaching malicious sites.

As part of its working, when a Chrome user surfs the internet, the browser will check through its Safe Browsing feature, and if the site is amongst those featured in the list, it will send an alert to the user, when the user tries to download something from the malicious site.

"Safe Browsing has done a lot of good for the web, yet the Internet remains rife with deceptive and harmful content. It's easy to find sites hosting free downloads that promise one thing but actually behave quite differently," said Google security team member, Moheeb Abu Rajab.

Feature likely in the next Chrome upgrade:

While only some users, having subscribed to Chrome's development release, may be able to use the feature in the near future, Google plans to make it an in-built feature in Chrome's next upgrade titled ˜Chrome 12,' which is slated to be launched by this May or June.