Top 10 Antivirus Software To Secure Your Pc From Virus Threats Malware

I am in my late 40's and based in the outskirts of Seattle, Canada with my two sons. Professionally, I am freelancing for a leading food-oriented company for the past few years. Its real fun to work at home, as you can adjust the work timings and the shift flexibility. I generally work at late nights and break the shift into short intervals. I work during short intervals throughout the day, so my computer is switched on most of the times, because of which my last system crashed a few months back. I installed the latest hardware, including the best available sound card, motherboard and was pretty excited for my new set-up.

In just a couple of weeks, I started facing consistent problems in browsing the Internet and accessing my sound files. The processing speed was deteriorating with every reboot and the computer started taking approximately 15-20 minutes just for the start up. I tried to tweak the settings, minimizing the memory in-take, but nothing was turning up.

After giving it a thought, I tried calling a technical support firm. I got the helpline number from a friend of mine who was also a service-subscriber of the same company. On my permission, the technician accessed my system through remote session and soon he discovered that the system was marred with 61 harmful virus and malware. I never used any firewall or antivirus program on my computer, due to which many of the system files were infected by the harmful contents supplied by untrustworthy websites.

The technician suggested me to purchase a package of antivirus for the computer's security and introduced me to top 10 antivirus applications that he was offering. Since I was totally unaware of all of them, I urged him to install the best of the available options. He quickly installed the application and used it to clean the hard-disk. Soon after, the computer was as good as new, with blazing operating and browsing speed. The services were pretty decent and worth of the money I spent, so I ended up by subscribing a two year plan for my computer.

By: k madhav