Sharon Givoni Consulting

Sharon Givoni Consulting is an Australian law firm that focuses in catering to Australian and overseas clients regarding intellectual property protection. It is a reputed firm of a group of intellectual property lawyers that look into all matters related to trademarks, trade mark registration, company trade marks, IP Australia trade marks and trade mark search Australia.

The group of experienced and professional lawyers of this firm specialize in all kinds of intellectual property protection, which includes the law of trademarks, trade mark registration, intellectual property, ip law, Australia patent, Australia trade mark, company trademarks and many more.

Intellectual property protection is very useful for all kinds and any size of business. Now, if you are suffering from your trademark or logo being stolen or being used by someone else, you can consult the law firm of Sharongivoni to help you with all your trade marks issues.

We tell you how to trade mark your brand and also provide trademark protection services. We also help you about how to register trademark for your brand as well. Moreover, we also guide you in using your trademark as your promotional item. If you have any Australia trade marks, we also help you in developing trademark usage guidelines, so that you can use your trade marks overseas as well.

For trademark registration in Australia, we will help you correspond with the Australia trademark office, and IP office Australia. We always ensure that all our clients should have a clear idea about IP Australia trademarks. Our team of professional IP lawyers will help you in this job.

We are in constant touch with the trademark registration companies and thereby we can provide you ready services regarding trade mark search and trade mark registration. Australian patent law is another specialized service that we provide.

By: S Enrich