How To Deal With Facebook Malware Apps

There have been a few bad malware outbreaks on Facebook recently. Please do not click on any of the following:

* See what you'll look in the future!

* BANNED from TV all over the world, Osama's death caught on camera!!!

* Find Out Who Visits Your Profile

I just was notified of a friends post on my wall for what seems like a good app - Find Out Who Visits Your Profile. Be aware, this and many other apps are exploits meant to tap into your friends lists and spread itself through Facebook, violating your Facebook privacy.

All of the links mentioned above are bad and can cause real damage to your privacy, reputation and Facebook account. When you click on something that looks interesting you may be agreeing to install a nasty app in your Facebook account. Once the app is installed through a few errant clicks it will contact all of your friends by posting on their walls and encouraging them to install as well. This latest app even sends chat messages encouraging you to click on a insidious link.

This makes you look bad in your Facebook community and means you should probably say sorry. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove the app and avoid installing online nastiness in the future.

Remove harmful apps from your Facebook account - How to remove Find Out Who Visits Your Profile malware Facebook app.

Follow these steps to protect yourself from this virus / malware and remove it if you have been effected.

DON'T CLICK - Don't click on link posted on your wall or that comes up in the chat window that says Find Out Who Visits Your Profile

REMOVE IT - If you have already clicked on this link. Remove it by following these simple steps:

1. Click on Account on the top right of your screen.

2. Click on Privacy Settings