Have A Glance At Antivirus Comparison List Before Taking A Step Ahead

With the announcement of the corporate audit in the company the environment had changed practically to a battle field. Everyone was busy in compiling the data for the entire month into a final database. I got an e-mail regarding the same from my Assistant Manager asking for a day-by-day report. I started working on the same. What I saw the next moment was extremely surprising. I was unable to open any of the e-mail attachments in my Outlook. I went on opening other files but nothing was working. My face turned pale. Everything was turning black in front of my eyes and soon I lost my consciousness. The next moment my colleague brought a glass of water to me. He assured me that everything will be alright soon. He did his best what he could to fix the problem but to no use.

Finally he advised me to call a tech support company. He gave me the number. I dialed the number and was connected instantly to a technician. The technician collected some details and took the remote access of my computer to fix the problem. After some time he informed me that my computer is virus infected and that my antivirus software is not comfortable to scan and remove those viruses. He said that I needed to install a good antivirus on the system with no further delay. He provided me a list on the chat window related to the antivirus comparison. I went through it, compared the different best antivirus software with their respective features and found the best antivirus for my HP computer.

I asked the technicians to install it. First, he removed the incompatible security product from the system and then installed the best antivirus on the computer. He also tuned up the registry settings and the next time when I sat on the system it was running as though new. I was amazed with the performance. I completed the official task and submitted those in time to my boss.

The boss was overwhelmed by the performance and the quality of work done. After the audit I was ranked the best employee of the year. Now, I have been promoted to the post of assistant manager. I am thankful to the remote support company who helped me a lot.

By: k madhav